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[140919 Mini Con Report] Arashi Blast in Hawaii Day 1


I hope Nino is okay. He seemed either uncomfortable or in pain. During the MC, he went into a kneeling position (really slowly) and was wiping himself with a towel (cutely folded it). Then him and MatsuJun went to change and he was gone for a while. MatsuJun came back out but not Nino. Then the others changed. Aiba and Ohno came out already, but still no Nino. Then Nino and Sho came out and Nino still seemed uncofmrotable/in pain. They film guys panned to them and you can see a look at Ninos face and Sho trying to gesture the camera guy to pan away. But when they performed, Nino was so professional and continued on. I hope hes ok and day 2 would be better for him.

On that note, MatsuJun was so smiley and happy! It was awesome. Being in D-5, I had such a great view it was just awesome, lie I was so.close, I saw.the sweat fly away from their hair lol they were missing in the middle too but went around too.

During “Your Eyes”, Aiba states waving at us cuz we were furiously waving and calling for him :) I was really glad they included almost all the Sakuraps *_* and then Ohno. Oh, our sweet, precious leader. He cried. He cried so much he stopped talking and I was bawling too. It was more than 5x10 con…which of course, made MatsuJun cried and gah love.

I finally got to meet DesTi from STORMY, and it was so great! I cried a lot, screamed a lot, and it was a great experience and can’t wait for day 2! I’ll write more when I get home :)

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17歳 31歳。お誕生日おめでとう、ニノ!ヽ(.≧ω≦)ノ
"It's not probably. That would definitely be it.
Because it's not like I've come this far on my own.
It's what I believe now." -
1992*4##111, 二宮和也

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cutie neener~ <3 <3

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"When I came back from America, honestly I was very insecure. Can I go back to Arashi should I go back to Arashi… I spent my time on the plane seemingly praying over such things. But, after coming back I was reassured that Arashi is where I can really stay calm and be myself, and there’s always a place for me."

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Tackey talking about Nino and Aiba

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Ninomiya Discusses The End of Arashi


Dressed in a simple brown jacket, Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari made an appearance on the NHK talk show “Studio Park Kara Konnichiwa” (Hello from Studio Park) on December 27, 2013. During the program, he talked about Arashi’s retirement as a group.

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